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Whilst trying to lower heavy stones, the scaffolding’s fixing brackets ripped free from the wall causing Hay to fall 10 metres to his death. The Scottish firm was fined £30,000 on a charge under s2 (1) of HSWA 1974 of not ensuring the safety of its employees, plus £2,500 on each of four additional charges: • Failure to prevent a fall from height (reg.6 (1) of the Construction, (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations (CHSWR 1996) • Failure to take sufficient steps to prevent danger while a structure is being dismantled (reg.

The store, which is now branded as John Lewis Newcastle, moved to its current site in 1974, but the company dates back to 1838.In July 2007 Northern Hydraulic Cylinder Engineers were fined £10,000 and ordered to pay £4,500 in costs at Houghton Magistrates' Court after being heavily criticised by HM Inspector of Health and Safety.Stuart had been testing a cylinder from an oil rig and leant over the device to see if the analysis had been successful when a piece of machinery weighing about 2kg was catapulted into his face.37-year-old Keith Hubbard, one of Steven's colleagues, was remanded in custody charged with Steven's murder.In March 2002 Mr Hubbard was cleared of Steven's manslaughter at Preston Crown Court.

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