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Lin's performance in the drama won her the Best Actress award at the 43rd Golden Bell Awards, making her the first actress in history to win the award with an idol drama.

The same year, she released the single "Adventure of Lunia" as the theme song for the video game Lunia: Record of Lunia War.

“Entertainment Updates: Jade Dynasty, The Exchange Luck, Nothing But Thirty, The Best of Times, Song of the South, The Bravest, Arsenal Military Academy, Ariel Lin Announces Break from Entertainment Industry, etc…” I was super excited about the pairing of Ariel Lin and Zhang Bin Bin.

Hu Ge once proclaimed that Maggie was like a goddess to him, “I never used to believe that I could ever regard a woman as a goddess, until I met her. Watching ISWAK, I was a fan of Joe and Ariel..once I watch them in game shows and interviews, I realized that they don't match at all...In variety shows, you can tell Ariel and Hu Ge are both the intellectual type who are serious about acting and are pretty determined in whatever they do...while Joe's sort of the Hippie who doesn't really care about anything.They met on the set of their upcoming modern sports C-drama which filmed this past summer.That drama was the reason Hu Ge grew that smoking hot goatee.

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