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As an alternative you can also try our non-DTD-based validator.

While it's fine to check the format of an email address client-side using a regex, the only way to really, totally, be sure that an email address exists is to confirm that you can send email to it, and that somebody can receive it.

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As a recommendation I would use your email as the link text instead of something like "contact me" or similar which usually suggests to the user that they're going to be sent to a contact form - more so than having their email client open up.

We'll take the previous example and modify it so that now it will have you email in the TO field and have a subject line in the SUBJECT field of the email.

This is an issue to be handled by your server side script.However, all browsers use a common validation algorithm following this pattern:[email protected] minimum requirements are the @ and .symbols and a lack of spaces between the characters.However , on submission, an error message appears with a tooltip providing a clue to what the user should provide.If you want to provide a custom error message to the user, yon can use the title attribute: The email input type is widely supported in all modern browsers.

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