How to avoid russian dating scams

For Russian dating sites that do not have this feature, make sure you speak and with her on Skype. Plane ticket scams: This scam is predicated on the assumption that all women want to move to Europe and the United States. It is always better to meet a Russian woman in her city first.

Plane scams involve a long con so to speak, as the Russian woman says she will come to see you in your home country.

A few days before the trip, she will contact you stating that something urgent came up and she cannot make the trip unless she has money to pay for XYZ.

If a Russian dating site claims that you need to purchase a translation service because Natasha cannot communicate in English, then this is an obvious scam.

With Gooogle Translate and various Apps, there is no need to pay for translation. Russian marriage agencies: There is a reason Russian marriage agencies have a terrible reputation.

Russian dating sites provide westerner men with an opportunity to meet more feminine women than the ladies back home.

As more westerner women turn to feminism, develop commitment phobias and place more emphasis on their careers, western men have become more disenfranchised from their local dating market.

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