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We wonder if the Nice Jewish Boy even exists, if matchmaking works, why people lie on dating apps, and if single Jewish women have superstitions about Kitchen Aids (they do! We’ve written about the Jewish woman crowdfunding her way to a husband and the gun-toting men of JSwipe and how to enjoy your first trip as a couple without breaking up.But now we’re turning more generally to the thorny issues related to dating Jewish (or not).Chapter 2: You Probably Won't Meet Him in Wyoming...Chapter 3: Summer Camp Is Not a Cult (and Other Honest Mistakes)Chapter 4: Because Neurosis and Guilt Are Part of His DNA Chapter 5: The First Shtup Chapter 6: Why Antacids Are the Fifth Food Group Chapter 7: Talk Yiddish to Me Chapter 8: The Jewish Mother Chapter 9: Mishpocheh and the Hanukkah Bush Afterword: Boy Vey! Sources Grish, a shiksa (non-Jewish woman) and founding fashion editor at Sports Illustrated Women, offers a playful little guide to understanding and snagging the perfect Jewish male.Whatever mishegas you've made of your love life, Caspi has words of wisdo.The definitive, hilarious guide to why Jewish men make the best dates, where to snag a hot mensch, and how to win his mother's heart After all, she's molded him into the cutest little Oedipus complex you've ever met. With humor and emotion, Kristina Grish celebrates the terrific intricacies of multilayered, interfaith relationships in this girl-meets-boy dating guide. But isn't it nice to know there are guys out there who analyze relationships more than you do? ," "The First Shtup," and "Talk Yiddish to Me" detail how a sexy Shiksa can meet, date, and love a nice Jewish boy of her own. Chapter One: Why Choose the Chosen Ones Oh, admit it: At some point in your adult life, you've wanted to snag a Hebrew honey. Or maybe you're snuggled next to him right now, reading this sentence and wishing you'd thought of this book idea before I did. There's a lot to love about a guy who makes your laughter his priority, who talks about your relationship more than you do, who's wildly intense inside the bedroom and out, who thinks nudging him up the corporate ladder is a sign of affection.The informative yet funny text explains why the Jewish man is so desirable, why neurosis and guilt are part of his DNA, and why antacids are his fifth food group.Clearly, Grish is engaging in a bit of stereotyping, but it is not offensive; many readers will be left longing for a Jewish man of their own.

We had Team Alma participate — Molly Tolsky, 31, our editor, and Emily Burack, 22, our editorial fellow — alongside writers Jessica Klein, 28, Hannah Dylan Pasternak, 22, and Al Rosenberg, 32.

Have you been single longer than the Jews wandered the desert?

Or are you newly single and hoping to hook up with a hot MOT*?

(Unless conversion is your idea of a hot first-date topic, don't waste your time with Conservative and Orthodox observances.) Whether your love mensch is super religious is seldom the issue.

I've found that interfaith coupling gets most sticky -- and believe me, this Presbyterian has dated enough Jews to make their ancestors shvitz in their graves -- when wondering how to navigate daily interactions: how to deal with his obsessive hand-wringing, what toexpect from his sex drive, how to survive his mom's verbal hemophilia.

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