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I always feel like, as a bloke, I should be able to approach women in RL, as this is the natural way of things. There are thousands of people on the site, they are no more homogenous than MNers.

To Not understand why people get so selfish at the airport?I think if I was single again and wanted to meet someone online it'd be the service I'd use though. The ones I met were nice - nothing clicked relationshipwise but they were all of a decent standard (looks, education, friendliness)!Some of the people that messaged me were tits but I just didn't talk to them or meet them.It was most fun discussing it with my friends and meeting for dates, choosing date venues and the general larkiness of it. But be critical and have your friends know what you are doing/where you are going.I was living in a big city though, was younger and childless at that time and so I had a lot of offers to choose from. lots of men on one site are also on another- so don't get hung up on the Guard.

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The site keeps things simple, with clear, professional profiles, messaging services and search options to help you find your ideal professional partner.

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