Google reader feed not updating

With each list you can choose the update types, which means there’s nothing to stop you from creating a list of people who share great images or video and then using that as a jumping off point for your own social sharing.

Or you could choose to eliminate game notifications and keep your list clean.

You can follow Facebook pages or subscribe to personal profiles too.

But my favorite way to follow blog, page and profile updates on Facebook is via interest lists. As I understand it—and I’m still experimenting—interest lists solve these issues.

Visit a page or profile where someone is posting blog updates, hover over the gear icon and click “add to interest lists.”As with Twitter, you can segment these lists as much as you want, keeping separate lists for those posting about content marketing or web apps, for example.

You can add pages and profiles to the lists and, best of all, you can keep your interest lists private.

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And here’s one final tip: Use a tool like Pinboard and everything you share or favorite can be added to your personal bookmark library, complete with any hashtags.

This makes content curation with Twitter even easier.

Instead, use the features built into the main social media sites and do your content curation there.

Here’s how it would work for Twitter, Facebook and Google .

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