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Now, I wasn't the biggest fan of Strip clubs per se. Neither was it that I didn't enjoy seeing babes naked.I wasn't one of those guys, either, who only said they disliked those places to appear to be sensative. Maybe it was just my cheap Scottish streak that found it distasteful to dish out my hard earned Dollar Bills down the garter of some harlot 'working her way through college' at my expense.Undergoing renovation and need new exterior timber cladding?Weathertex is a specialist exterior wall panels supplier and weatherboard company offering the best quality products available on the market.So we get our pans all greased up and about 10 o'clock we find ourselves in the sleazy, smoky environs of Providence's best 'Hootchy-Kootchy'.Ian and Guiseppe, of course, head right to the front of the stage, fistful of crinkly dollar bills eagerly grasped between their sweaty mitts. With in five minutes, the stallion is right up next to the stage, in a veritable hammer-lock betwwen the thighs of one of the dancers.

The dollar bills in my pocket set aside for emergency were not needed, my friend.

A selection of unprocessed inclusion-bearing gem quality diamonds from Letlhakane.

It was, as it usually was, sometime in the eary-mid '80's, and me, in my natural prime, was living on the cushy outskirts of Boston, living la vida mocha, doing the construction worker thing by day, and the savoir-faire jet-setting dance-club denison by night.

My cousin I-Dog comes up with the idea to head down to Providence and hit the 'Foxy Lady'.

The Foxy Lady, if'n you weren't aquainted, is a 'Gentleman's Club extraordinaire, an establishment of the highest Bulesque, Tittilating Tavern of Temptation: a Strip Club, basically.

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  1. I don’t know anyone who would have been comfortable sleeping there. We all mourned, of course, but his was the primary loss: fresh and immediate. He’s young, he’s a great guy, he has decades of experience being an excellent husband; and, perhaps most important, he’s lonely. And yet…every piece of this process feels like another step toward us all putting Mom…in the past. Why does getting rid of feel like another little death? I’m terrified of what happens when her husband, her most cherished possession, belongs to someone else.