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"Whatever their reasons, they broke up about 9 months ago," a source close to the former couple tells E! "I asked her to marry me two Fridays ago and she said ‘yes.' It's been incredible. We're in a constant state of excitement about our life together."And who knows, maybe Eric will even have a new date before this weekend's Emmys!

The 46-year-old actor, Eric Stonestreet probably marked his spot amid the mass due to his appearance in the mockumentary family sitcom called "Modern Family," where he portrays the gay character, Cameron Tucker.

Even the hottest of Hollywood celebrities can have a tough time on the dating scene, so they do what we do: turn to Tinder. " She later admitted that she doesn't do a ton of swiping while she's busy chasing the Sun, so who knows if she'll ultimately find Mr. magazine that he's got "no shame" in his swiping game, and thinks it's one of the better ways to meet men in the modern world. It's the modern-day singles bar." He's such a regular, unabashed user of the app, he's been asked to provide tutorials on a number of television appearances, even schooling Larry King about the millennial meetup mechanism, while making a match on-air right there!

There are actually a lot of stars who've given the possibility of meeting some single-to-mingles in their area a chance. star accidentally happened across her brother Michael's profile and shared the awkward moment on her Instagram feed.

He even created a Tinder profile for her that declared, "this better work, b****." No word yet on whether she's pursued any non-toxic matches during her off-time from her Vegas residency, but the fact that users might be able to swipe right on Brit Brit should give everyone a reason to hit it, baby, one more time. I shouldn't be eliminated from participating in what's going on in the world.

Let's find out the truth about this vital portion of this American actor along with his other personal details in this few minutes read.

Although Eric Stonestreet portrays a role of gay character with conviction in Modern Family, in real life, he prefers woman to romance with, and he shared his sexual preference as, Eric, who is yet to lead a married life with a wife, has moved on from a relationship to another in search of a perfect life partner.

But the relationship could not survive beyond three years and suffered a split in 2012.

Caption: The former couple Eric and Katherine making their joint appearance at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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