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This can all culminate in angry battles, rigid holding onto positions, cold disengagement, and ultimately, even alienation and separation.

Perfectionists offer steadfastness, dependability, and industry, while Givers offer emotion, optimism, attention to the relationship, and pizzazz – a good combination.

Influences of connected types provide different flavorings to each type.

This can lead to estrangement, especially since neither type is good at expressing desires and needs (even though Givers can be on the hedonistic side in the service of others).

As a result, estrangement and deadening can lead to disruption of the relationship.

The Perfectionist, however, sometimes may become critical of the way the Performer discounts important details, cuts corners, speeds through things with their fast pace, and making changes to suit circumstances.

The Performer, on the other hand, can become impatient with the Perfectionist’s pickiness, judgmentalness, tendency to get bogged down in details, and interferences with productivity.

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