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The first 22 cycles of the series and cycle 24 were presented by Banks, while cycle 23 was presented by Rita Ora.

These benefits would be similar to those given to writers on scripted shows.After cycle 12, Porizkova was fired by Banks and the panel was left with three judges (Banks, Alexander and Barker) in cycle 13.In cycle 14, Alexander left the panel and was replaced by André Leon Talley, but continued as the series' runway coach. After cycle 18, Banks fired long-standing cast members Barker, Alexander and photo shoot director Jay Manuel.Quillian and Simmons were replaced by Nigel Barker and Eric Nicholson in cycle 2, before Nicholson was replaced by Nolé Marin in cycle 3.After cycle 4, Marin and Dickinson were replaced by J. Paulina Porizkova joined the panel in cycle 10, in place of Twiggy.

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