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Similarly, some Toon Tasks allow you to carry more gags.The more gags you carry the less often you'll need to go to the gag shop and restock before heading back into battle.`thistextisfunnyboobsanda55`) Advantage: - simple - can detect "un-spaced" profanity word Disadvantage: - many "false positive" e.g. I’m a third year student and throughout my time at the University I have encountered lots of things that I would like to help improve.What changes would you make to University life if you were to be elected?So I suppose I could regurgitate my manifesto, but if you want to read it then go on the Guild site.convert `@` to `a`, `5` and `$` to `s` Advantage: - simple detect some trick word ([email protected], b00b) Disadvantage: - "false positive" - limit user imagination (user cannot play with word) e.g. user want to try something funny like "a$$a$$in" Attempt 3 (1.3): replace `.` and `,` with space to separate words in some sentence, people usually using `.` and `,` to connect / end the sentence Advantage: - increase founding possibility e.g.

Gag Level 1 (example: Squirting Flower) Use on Level 1 and higher Cogs Gag Level 2 (example: Glass of Water) Use on Level 2 and higher Cogs Gag Level 3 (example: Squirt Gun) Use on Level 3 and higher Cogs Gag Level 4 (example: Seltzer Bottle) Use on Level 4 and higher Cogs Gag Level 5 (example: Fire Hose) Use on Level 5 and higher Cogs Gag Level 6 (example: Storm Cloud) Use on Level 6 and higher Cogs Gag Level 7 (example: Geyser) Use on Level 7 and higher Cogs.Of those stories, 6,826 have been identified as evergreen. For the purpose of this project: An evergreen story is any story where the difference between the submission date of the story and the publication date of the story is two years or more.The publication date of the story is indicated in the story’s title by using the annotation “(YYYY)”, e.g.Live: A better attitude to healthy mind, healthy body.More healthy food in Guild outlets and exam relief through relaxing spaces with sofas, free tea and hopefully (no joke) a puppy room.

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These three years have been the best of my life and I would love to do something next year which I’m passionate about. I want to improve University resources such as the library and Wellbeing Centre and make sure that University halls are refurbished in relation to their prices being put up. My manifesto is all about improving the student experience with a specific focus on inclusion, representation, safety, and events.

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