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Note the link in the photo caption text: You can also add links to your title or subtitle using the same markup.

Example: For each area you can set links as attribute href="This free image-mapping tool let you create the coordinates directly by clicking into the image - no programming knowledge required.

Gaining weight is natural and it's what's needed for the baby.

Chemical techniques of relative dating are associated with the analysis of _____.

Google Maps is extremely helpful if you need directions somewhere, but if you are doing an in depth analysis on erosion of a desert based on water and wind patterns, you will find Google Earth very helpful.

Places on Maps The Wikipedia layer on Google Earth is one of large differences in recent years.

Her roles include playing Estella in the 1999 BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations and her dual role in 2006 feature film The Fall.I am serious, with your whole heart just ask Him and He will answer!All I can remember is the walls streaked with blood, their eyes black and teeth sharp.Every pair have a X and a Y value (from left/top of an image) separated with a comma.These value of the attribute must be the map's name-attribute.

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