Dating with padded bra

If you bring a friend along, it's just too easy to talk to her and hide out from everyone else.

Surely, you've seen stories about people with genuine disabilities or deformities (we're not talking about small breasts here) who have attracted love and lasting relationships. Furthermore, one thing you must remember about breasts: Most of them sag after a while. Think of them as a blessing: A means of separating the worthy from the unworthy.

Dear Terry, Thanks for the great blog, I admire it.

I'm single woman, way far past the 'puberty' stage, and I've very small breasts, and I'm blessed with a beautiful face with great lips, and a slender figure (I eat a well balanced, healthy diet with meat--except red meat -- and vegetables).

When you have large breasts, it sometimes feels like your bra options are severely limited.

It can be really challenging to shop for bras without underwire for big boobs that aren't just another sports bra, and (imagine this) come in more colors than white, tan, black, beige, and "nude," whatever that means.

You risk injury and battle the crowd to get your hands on it and — wonder of wonders — discover it comes in your size.

You're willing to go into debt to make this bra yours until you spot it: underwire. Yet another bra with underwire designed to lift, separate, and shape your breasts.

They sure didn't hold her back from love, fame, or fortune.I never minded having small breasts, (I'm size AA) until I faced many harsh comments from few guys saying - you don't have a trace of flesh anywhere on your body or that I'm the most handsome man they've seen! And there was nothing I could say in return to them, as they were my so called 'friends' (not my dates).Hearing these comments, started my struggle (and not really from having small breasts.) I didn't dare to date much or cut dates very quickly sometimes out of fear that I might get hurt from those men again too.I've been using them for years, they make me feel 'normal' by society's standards, and on a date, a man complimented me on my 'perfect figure,' so I felt bad that I was not perfect, and he perceives me to be so. Anyways before I could tell him, I knew he had a girlfriend (through another source) and was just wasting my time.It took me lot of years to see how low these people are, (and the problem is them, not me ) to make a woman feel 'alien' for not having a perfect figure, and I had to read a lot to soar my confidence in all ways possible and realized, not all men like a woman just for her breasts!

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The perpetual search for quality, comfort, and style is enough to make you want to give up and never wear a bra again.

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