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Knowing she's just laying there with her eyes closed, trying to just get through it did wonders to dampen my enjoyment.And, when menopause finally wrapped things up, it took what little was left of her libido, threw it in a burlap sack, and tossed it in the river.A lot of guys have intimacy issues or just plain erectile dysfunction. If you don't, then they won't be, (I mean really, who would).I have never used the blue-pills-of-life but I hear they work wonders. I took what he said to heart as just a simple fact of life.

Then when menopause started, the painful sex began.

And now it is once a month "make it quick" sex since kids. But in a bigtime current dry spell (2 months) so there is only so much holding out I can handle I'm starting this club because I feel like one of the best things about Lit is being able to talk about what you are going through and then coming to realize you aren't alone.

I've recently tried to really cut back on Lit and Porn.

And when we do have sex these days, she doesn't really seem to give a damn for foreplay.

That, and she's so concerned with getting herself ready to take me, that she pays me very little attention at all.

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This was the first time she actually reacted in a positive way. I am 100% supportive of her but I need a little bit of her once in a while too. But there is nothing that seems to get her interested in sex. But sometimes (when it gets to 6 or so weeks without sex) I take it personally and feel unloved. Check out my fav threads, see what new stories are up and then venture out into porn land from there. Also she gives good head - but I think it's more of "Get him out of the way" head. Then the thing is that he doesn't realize is that he also tends to fall asleep and then gets moody.. Most of the time i'm ok with it and just thankful for the wonderful life I have. Usually i'm left to jerking off and end up on Literotica.

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