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He likely spent most of his life farming and herding, and was probably suffering from a painful stomach ache at the time of his death in the Öztal Alps.After more than 25 years of intensive scientific research and extensive media coverage, he is arguably "Europe's Oldest Celebrity." [Source: Kristin Romey, National Geographic, August 18, 2016] After doing CT scans on the body and performing microscopic examinations of a piece of bone, scientists determined that Ötzi was between 40 to 50 years old.

Research on Otzi's preserved body and the various artifacts found with it continues to reveal much about the life of Copper Age Europeans. on September 19, 1991, Erika and Helmut Simon from Nuremberg, Germany were descending from the Finail peak in the Tisenjoch area of the Otzal Alps when they decided to take a shortcut off the beaten path.Adding bad weather and a lack of proper excavation equipment made the job even more difficult.After four days of trying, Otzi's body was finally removed from the ice on September 23, 1991.A CT scan in 2005 discovered that the arrowhead had severed one of the Otzi's arteries, most likely causing his death.A large wound on Otzi's hand was another indicator that Otzi had been in close combat with someone shortly before his death.

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