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Once he finds Dunlop aboard, alive but frozen stiff, he uses a borrowed piece of bubblegum to create a balloon, and both men rise out of the ocean and float back to the city.

Having heard of Dave's escape, Torpedo and Rosie prepare to flee with Evelyn as their hostage.

His tale of having been close to the explosion is marvelled at by most, but dismissed by Dunlop.

However, Evelyn, still reluctant to have a super-powered husband, has decided to have the last word in the matter by having her hair dyed red.While Dunlop points out that Dave's precognitive abilities, which helped uncover Torpedo's scam, is unlikely to be admitted as evidence in court, Evelyn is not overjoyed at having a too-perfect man in the house.One night, Dave and Dunlop proceed to Torpedo's clubhouse, where Dave has Dunlop dance with Rosie (with some hypnotic encouragement) while he poses as a corrupt cop who wants a share of the winnings.Furthermore, the Super Fuzz sounds absolutely huge when you’re playing alone but once you get surrounded by a band, its big mid scoop makes it disappear in the mix.There was a solution to be found, and here it is: the only thing that’s better than a great fuzz is two great fuzzes.

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Dave manages to intercept them by jumping onto their amphibian aircraft and redirecting it to an airfield where the police are waiting.

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