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On the Freeway it seemed to be fine, with or without a passenger, except I notice going down the Mountain to Santa Cruz, I was letting off the throttle to keep the speed at 55, the engine was surging just a little, with a passenger.

I took the Scooter to the Shop again, and had a mechanic ride it at a steady 25 MPH, and he was dumbfounded by the surging. But, I have been ignoring it, I just keep riding it.

So maybe BMW finally found the solution for the stalling problem, and are fixing the Scooters when their customers bring them in for service.” UPDATE 2 From “B. At low speeds, up to about 30 MPH, keeping the throttle still, the engine was really surging.

S.” (February 2014): “Update: Since I had my C650GT back from the BMW Shop, my scooter hasn’t stalled at all. It didn’t do it with a passenger on the back at low speeds.

I was riding a Brand New Harley Wide Glide at the time. So, after the stall tonight, I will be trading my Scooter in, maybe for the new Honda CTX1300. I got my BMW Scooter back from the shop, and been riding it around town and in stop and go traffic on the freeway, and is running great, no stalling!

I cannot take the chance of another stall on the Freeway. And I just had a Corbin Seat made for it, cost me 5.” Editor’s Reply: I urge you to report this to BMW and to also file a report with NHTSA. I’ve noticed more pep now when riding it around town.

I was getting used to the bike in my neighborhood and after about 6 hours of use in the following week after I purchased it, it started stalling when slowing to a stop or coasting. The scooter started stalling at low speeds after 1000 miles. I took it in to BMW service 2/28/2014 have not heard anything back yet.

When I was talking to service guy he said there where no advisories about this situation from BMW.

The service writer said that he didn’t know what downloads did, only that they were required by the diagnoses.On green, when setting off, there was a small momentary misfire for about one beat of the engine.This was bad enough in a straight line and really unnerving on a corner, especially since it usually happened at low speeds with little momentum to carry me through the event.I had one stall about a month ago which was difficult to restart, but the fuel guage was on two bars, and it was just before I got the TFT warning to refuel, so I put that down to a sensor guage set too low, and make sure that I refuel when it gets to 3 bars.However I had two stalls last week, and one yesterday in same situations, the last stall with a newly full fuel tank.

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