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The design may be made of porous materials, or be drilled with holes for decoration; a low back or gaps can provide ventilation.The back may extend above the height of the occupant's head, which can optionally contain a headrest.Chairs can also be made from more creative materials, such as recycled materials like cutlery and wooden play bricks, pencils, plumbing tubes, rope, corrugated cardboard, and PVC pipe.

Chairs may have hard surfaces of wood, metal, plastic, or other materials, or some or all of these hard surfaces may be covered with upholstery or padding.

In ancient Egypt chairs appear to have been of great richness and splendor.

Fashioned of ebony and ivory, or of carved and gilded wood, they were covered with costly materials, magnificent patterns and supported upon representations of the legs of beasts or the figures of captives.

Once the idea of privilege faded the chair speedily came into general use.

Almost at once the chair began to change every few years to reflect the fashions of the day.

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