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Also surprising: just how much of an effect religious acts had on others.

In a large-scale 9-month intervention study, we investigated the malleability of prosociality by three distinct mental trainings cultivating attention, socio-affective, or socio-cognitive skills.

To test for the impact of these distinct training modules on the three sub-components of prosociality, we implemented them together with a comprehensive battery of thirteen prosocial measures (see Table 1) in a large and representative participant sample (N = 332)Design and training exercises of the Re Source study.

Panel (A) Design and timeline of the longitudinal study.

Interestingly, dramatic acts in the name of religion, such as being pierced by hooks and swung from a crane didn't send the strongest messages -- instead, the connection was strongest for the simple act of regular worship.

"That has often a bigger effect on your reputational standing than big, extreme acts," Power says.

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A new study suggests that people who participate in regular religious acts send a clear signal to others that they're ready and willing to contribute to their communities.

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