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-- really long value ----^^^^^^^^^^ ); Now with the keys created, we can create a table that uses them.Let's say we have an Employees table, and we want to encrypt Last Name and Salary.The encryption scheme for the columns/variables is (encryption_type = 'PLAINTEXT') and the expression near line '2' expects it to be (encryption_type = 'DETERMINISTIC', encryption_algorithm_name = 'AEAD_AES_256_CBC_HMAC_SHA_256', column_encryption_key_name = 'Column Key', column_encryption_key_database_name = 'AEDemo') (or weaker).

First, let's create a database: Now, I'm going to create a master key and a column key.

Encrypted Table(Last Name, Salary) SELECT N'Bertrand',720000; -- Result: Msg 206, Level 16, State 2 Operand type clash: nvarchar is incompatible with nvarchar(4000) encrypted with (encryption_type = 'DETERMINISTIC', encryption_algorithm_name = 'AEAD_AES_256_CBC_HMAC_SHA_256', column_encryption_key_name = 'Column Key', column_encryption_key_database_name = 'AEDemo')DECLARE @Last Name NVARCHAR(32) = N'Bertrand', @Salary INT = 720000; INSERT dbo.

Encrypted Table(Last Name, Salary) SELECT @Last Name, @Salary; -- Result: Msg 33299, Level 16, State 6 Encryption scheme mismatch for columns/variables '@Last Name'.

Add Person @Last Name NVARCHAR(32), @Salary INT AS BEGIN INSERT dbo.

Encrypted Table(Last Name, Salary) SELECT @Last Name, @Salary; END GO CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.

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But this is just a demo.) The form ultimately looks like this: Quite crude and rudimentary, but it gets the job done: When you enter a last name and a salary and press the Add button, it adds it to the database, and then clears the form. For a C# demo of SQL Server 2015 Always Encrypted, click here to download the project and begin experimenting.

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