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Justin Bieber has been the defining pop star for the modern generation.Getting his big-break style start on the internet is the stuff urban legends are made of; the fame and fortune seemed to be thrust upon him, and the rest of us were happy to watch his rise in the spotlight.He’s always been so uniquely Bieber, going so far as to coin the name of a whole hairstyle.The Bieber Swoop (which we’ll talk about in more detail later) was where it started, but he’s definitely grown since then.She also might have been an influencing factor on this hairstyle, with gel that’s so strong nothing could move his hair.It’s a sturdy, bold style and one of the first longer ones we’ve seen on him in a while.Windswept and wispy, this is a young Justin Bieber rocking the hair that we colloquially call “the Bieber Swoop." This is a look that features all of a person’s hair pushed towards the front of the face and cut in such a way that it looks swoopy and wispy. We’d be surprised to see it on him now, but on this sweet little face? According to Us Magazine, Caitlin Beadles was one of his first girlfriends whom he met shortly after moving to Atlanta. While their relationship, unfortunately, didn’t make it, the haircut did.It’s a little windswept and requires constant cool-dude hair flipping to stay sleek. While his hair didn’t change too much from his rise-to-fame haircut, it definitely looks a little more shaped and styled. While Justin Bieber ultimately decided that Hailey Baldwin was the one for him, we can’t help but think that Selena Gomez made for an excellent partner as well.

The blonde will never leave, and 2015 seemed to be a big year of transitions for Bieber.

While it’s pretty much what all the 15-year-old boys were doing when we were kids, something about the way Bieber rocks it makes it seem oh so cool.

While he was connected to a few different flings around this time, the hairstyle saw a little more commitment. But more important than the relationship is the hair.

We especially love the glamor that these two are exuding.

lists the breakups as happening in 2012, 2014, and 2018, making the time they’d spent apart weigh in at much more than the time they spent together.

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Those of us with darker hair have issues trying to get to a white-blonde level.

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