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In addition, the classic Telecaster neck was fashioned from a single piece of maple without a separate fingerboard, and the frets were slid directly into the side of the maple surface.

The very design of the headstock (inspired by Croatian instruments, according to Leo Fender) followed that simplicity principle : it's very narrow, since it was cut in a single piece of wood (without glued "wings"): nonetheless, that headstock is very effective, as the six strings are kept straight behind the nut, keeping the guitar easily in tune.

While this has changed over time with new reincarnations of the guitar, this was a highly unorthodox approach in its day as guitars traditionally featured rosewood or ebony fingerboards glued onto mahogany necks.

This not only made production easier, but allowed the neck to be quickly removed and serviced, or replaced entirely.Ash and maple were used to construct the body and neck respectively and the guitar came in one color entitled, blond.Fewer than fifty guitars were originally produced under that name, and most were replaced under warranty because of early manufacturing problems.The term Nocaster was coined by collectors to denote these transitional guitars that appeared without a model name on the headstock.Since they were manufactured in this form for only a few months very early in the Broadcaster/Telecaster's history, original Nocasters are highly prized and expensive collector's items.

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Leo Fender's simple and modular design was geared to mass production and made servicing broken guitars easier.

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