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consists of sequences of nonblank characters separated by blanks,” or possibly some wonderful cookie recipes. Instead, there are some characters in a pattern that have special meaning and can match something other than themselves.

Characters that have special meaning in a pattern are called wildcards or metacharacters.

This is not portable, but it is a common extension some shells offer because habitual users of regular expressions may be more used to it.

This can create an occasional surprise if you have never seen it used, and want to match a caret in a class.

The behavior of a range where the second character comes before the first in the character set is not predictable; do not do that.

Sometimes, rather than knowing what you do want, you know what you don’t want; you can invert a character class by using an exclamation mark () are all special to them.

The first right bracket does not close the class because there is nothing in it yet; it is taken as a plain literal right bracket.

matches every lowercase letter, and strictly speaking there is not even a guarantee that it matches only lowercase letters.The most common wildcards are the question mark ( is easy to use in patterns; you use it when you know there will be exactly one character, but you are not sure exactly what it will be.For instance, if you are not sure what accent the user will greet you in, you might use the pattern alone. The space character is not special in a pattern, but it is special in the shell. If you do not quote the pattern, the shell splits it into multiple words, and it does not match what you expected.Character classes may specify ranges of characters.A typical usage would be to match any digit, with .

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In a pattern, most characters match themselves, and only themselves.

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