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However, Jeremy turned to liquor after Bonnie's "death." After he saved her life in the Prison World, they parted on good terms despite them not being able to speak to each other; Bonnie wanted him to move on with his life, so he did.

It is later said by Enzo that she is a lovelorn witch, possibly referring to her awkward relationship status with Jeremy or he does not have romantic feelings for her anymore.

Either way, Bonnie currently moved on from Jeremy romantically and was in a relationship with Enzo before his death. In Masquerade, when Bonnie goes to the Salvatore Boarding House, Bonnie comes inside with the Grimoire in her hands.

Jeremy is also there and tells Bonnie: "We're gonna kill Katherine", which Stefan confirms.

I need you to stay with Elena, I don't want her to know about this." Alaric promises he'll look after her.

When Stefan asks if anyone wants to back out, no one wants to.

Jeremy walks over to her, saying he's going home and offers her a ride. She nods and asks him when he got his driver's license. In Rose, Stefan and Jeremy ask Bonnie for help to locate Elena.

The season ended with the Other Side being destroyed and Bonnie being engulfed in white light and presumed to be gone forever, leaving Jeremy devastated.

Later on, the Mystic Falls Gang discover that Damon and Bonnie aren't lost forever and one by one, they both come back.

Listen Jer, I'm not sure I'm still the same Bonnie you want to be with.

That place changed me and I don't know if I'm scared of myself or if I actually kinda like the new me. This is the on and off romantic relationship between the Supernatural Hunter, Jeremy Gilbert, and the witch, Bonnie Bennett.

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It takes Bonnie the longest to reply, but she says she's with them, as long as nobody gets hurt (except Katherine). She doesn't really want to be a part of all of this.

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