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Some dating sites (we are not going to name those but you can google and find a lot about it) have been committing illegal actions, such as online shakedowns and creation of unauthentic profiles to ask for money, and it resulted in negative reviews and the appearance of common believe that dating sites always aim to rob.Such services become less and less common, but they still exist.This applies to the old-style rotary phones (as opposed to modern digital dial phones).For example, to call a Chernihiv local landline number from Kiev, one needs to dial 0, wait for a dial tone, then dial 46 (Chernivtsi regional code) and then dial the local number in that city.

Calling nationwide requires dialing 0 and then the region code followed by the local number.

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In order to call abroad, users need to dial 00 before the country code.

if the mobile is currently in Kiev this will represent a Kiev number) 67-xxx-xx-xx (call from Kyivstar subscriber to Kyivstar subscriber) Note that law explicitly prohibits trunk calls to a PSTN phone within the same local area in a geographic phone zone (e.g.

from Kyivi to Kiev), so one cannot dial 0~2 or 0~xx for this, unless the phone exchange is misconfigured or a special circumstance occurs.

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