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Most of them work full-time to support themselves and their families, but when they face a choice between work and family life, they will always choose the latter. Well, if you a Bosnian woman, she will likely continue working as long as she has plenty of time to spend with you and do house chores.

Communication is the foundation of any strong marriage.

At the very least, your self-esteem may suffer, and even if you do get married, you may still be subjected to the same ice cold behavior whenever you don’t do or say what she wants. They are known for being exceptionally easy-going, which translates to nearly every aspect of their lives.

Even when you only begin talking to a woman from Bosnia, you are going to be impressed by how comfortable you feel.

Designer clothes, popular gadgets, and expensive jewelry can make them happy, but they don’t consider gifts to be the foundation of a good relationship.

The thing every foreign man likes about Bosnian women is that they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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These women have demands for everything, from cars and houses to expensive gifts.

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