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Think about it — what’s more scary: telling a story to one friend over coffee, or having to tell the same story, on stage, in front of a crowd of 500 strangers?

What would be more embarrassing: asking someone out via a text message and being shot down, or realising the entire exchange was in a group text?

The answer, surprisingly, is less to do with technology or society, and everything to do with our genetics and our in-built psychology.

For a good few hundred thousand years, before the birth of agriculture about 10,000 years ago, humans lived in small, nomadic tribes of around 50 people.

(After all, just one individual hoarding food for themselves instead of sharing it could cause the rest of the tribe to starve!

And why, even in previously social environments like coffee shops, do we look around and see most people’s heads buried in laptops or smartphones and ears plugged with headphones?

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Historically, men and women have dealt with this fear of rejection in two different ways: So, in most cultures, men are expected to take the “risk” of initiating romantic encounters with women.

And, if you think about it, doing so would have been nothing compared to the kinds of risks early men would be taking on an almost daily basis!

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