Dating emotionally unstable woman

In the study, conducted on women in college, the participants were told their Facebook profiles were viewed by four male students who either liked them a lot, liked them an average amount or liked them to an uncertain degree.

There have been several instances where couples have been set up by a friend or a well-wisher with a hope that someday, the girl can meet the man who can become her husband.If this woman reminds him of her, odds are that she has his heart in the bag. Romance") explained in an email interview with Elite Daily that we live in a society that presents us with a skewed model of what love should be.We are constantly presented with movies, books and songs that blur the lines between love and dependency: This behavior is a result of being bombarded with images that imply love and dependency are the same thing: Lovers should depend on each other to supply their needs, to take care of them and 'make it better,' that they should need each other ('You are my happiness; I'd die without you') that they are incomplete without each other and that two should 'become one' -- losing their individual personalities, friends, interests and opinions in the process.From Cinderella to Bridget Jones, we've become more than familiar with this concept of “love”: girl is weak and vulnerable, boy saves girl, boy takes care of girl, and they live happily ever after.The man interested in a woman who is mentally unstable is seeking this kind of love.

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Val was an emotionally unstable person who had an intense fear of commitment, coupled with fits of rage.

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