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They know that no matter how long they work at writing an essay, it looks messy and rushed.

Compared to their non-dyslexic children, they can see their dyslexic child starting to give up, and beginning to withdraw into a shell-like existence.

Ask your child to guess how a character is feeling based on his body language.4 Social Challenge Your Child Hesitates to Message Friends The dyslexia link: Kids with dyslexia may shy away from texting because they have trouble understanding the abbreviations.

How you can help: Show your child how the abbreviations work.

No matter how hard they revise spellings or facts, within minutes or hours such facts or spellings are lost like grains of sand.

Emotionally such failure on a daily or hourly basis is harsh.

With the aim to assist both parents and educational practitioners to recognise the emotional turmoil that both young and older dyslexics face in life, Neil Alexander-Passe illustrates the lifelong social and emotional effects of dyslexia. To most, dyslexia is the difficulty with words, but in truth the term is misleading. Children know who the clever and not-so-clever ones are very fast, and no matter how teachers dress up mixed-ability classrooms, kids know!

Richard Branson, Keira Knightley, Mollie King, Jamie Oliver, Tom Cruise), researching them you hear the same thing. They also highlight that they found something they were good at early on, maybe not school subjects such as English, Maths or Science, but vocational skills such as selling, persuading, acting, cooking, art and design, etc.How you can help: Tell jokes or stories at the dinner table to help your child practice responding.2 Social Challenge Your Child Has Trouble Finding the Right Words The dyslexia link: Kids with dyslexia can’t always find the words they want to say—especially if they feel strongly about the topic or need to respond quickly. Slow down the overall pace of the conversation.3 Social Challenge Your Child Misses Social Cues The dyslexia link: Kids with dyslexia might not pick up on body language, facial expressions and other social cues.How you can help: Watch your child’s favorite shows with the volume off.They are driven by their school failure and humiliation to do well in life.Even returning to school for their own children is hard for them, they can have symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when seeing small chairs, smelling sickly floor cleaner, or seeing drawings pinned up on walls, as theirs were not deemed good enough for presentation.

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Some are based on spelling (“idk” for “I don’t know”) and others on how letters and numbers sound (“l8r” for “later”).5 Social Challenge Your Child Remembers Things Inaccurately The dyslexia link: Dyslexia can make it hard to recall specfic words or details.

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