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Our presses in India are multi-million-dollar, high-tech precision machines that require equally matched human skills to ensure they perform.

Any attempt to link to their site gives the following message: Essentially, it says that there is a new US distributor, but gives no indication of who it is or how those who still have valid subscriptions should proceed.

If the Amazon subscription falls through (which is possible; might be they were getting their magazines from GLP as well), then I suppose I’ll cave and pay for the full subscription from the UK distributor.

But hopefully we’ll all have some more definite news and a clear path forward before then. Until then, let’s all try to keep the throwing of things to a minimum.

I expect this might also be the case for the US in the near future, though there are several questions I find myself wondering… In the meantime, what is a Burda-obsessed former GLP subscriber to do?

Well, depending on what stage of grief you are at, here are some options… This is probably not the best option as it will leave you Burda-less within the month as the June issue should be shipped in a few weeks.

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