Dating bald

I went from Grandpa ugly to bald sexy in the time it takes to type this response.

As for dating another bald guy, depends on how sexy he is and if he has a nice car.

(Although when I see a handsome man with a shaved head, I imagine how much better he would look with hair.) Not only do I not like the rings of fringe, I hate the few strands comb overs and have not seen a good toupee. I keep tellng him when he is completly bald he will really be handsome.

Both our sons started to have receding hairlines in high school. I have dated men of different ethnicities and different physical attributes such as height, weight, and hairstyles.

I’m not one to let a little thing like gender stop me from having the most enjoyable life possible.

I keep my remaining hair trimmed down to nearly shaved.I actually feel bad about this, but I would have a hard time.If the guy was smart, sweet, funny and I got to know him otherwise (think Charlotte’s Harry in Sex and the City), I would probably be able to become attracted to him, but unless I was thrown together with him on a daily basis, I would probably not date him based on just meeting him. I totally agree with the posts above that men who shave their heads and carry themselves with panache could be exceptions. Husband had a rapidly receding hairline when I met him and is now, after thirty years, mostly bald.But I don’t have a problem dating a girl w/ very short, even buzzed hair. But I must confess, I generally prefer longer hair. I’m not into balding; that desperate attempt to comb over or salvage a few remaining hairs.But bald, true bald, on the right man who can carry it well is sexy.

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