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No illness or distraction is sufficient to get the engineer off the case.These types of challenges quickly become personal -- a battle between the engineer and the laws of nature.While it's true that many normal people would prefer not to date an engineer, most normal people harbor an intense desire to mate with them, thus producing engineer-like children who will have high-paying jobs long before losing their virginity.Male engineers reach their peak of sexual attractiveness later than normal men, becoming irresistible erotic dynamos in their mid thirties to late forties.The secret to coping with technology-oriented people is to understand their motivations.This chapter will teach you everything you need to know.Nothing is more threatening to the engineer than the suggestion that somebody has more technical skill.Normal people sometimes use that knowledge as a lever to extract more work from the engineer.

"Normal" people expect to accomplish several unrealistic things from social interaction: To the engineer, all matter in the universe can be placed into one of two categories: (1)things that need to be fixed, and (2)things that will need to be fixed after you've had a few minutes to play with them. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.

I learned their customs and mannerisms by observing them, much the way Jane Goodall learned about the great apes, but without the hassle of grooming.

Engineering is so trendy these days that everybody wants to be one. If there's somebody in your life who you think is trying to pass as an engineer, give him this test to discern the truth.

People who work in the fields of science and technology are not like other people.

This can be frustrating to the nontechnical people who have to deal with them.

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Engineers will go without food and hygiene for days to solve a problem.

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