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with a single weight step is sometimes referred to in the literature as the 2-step GMM estimator, the first step being defined as the initial TSLS estimation.EViews views this as a 1-step estimator since there is only a single optimal weight matrix computation..The methods for non-linear specifications are generally similar to their linear counterparts, with differences centering around the fact that the parameter estimates for a given weighting matrix in step 4 must now be calculated using a non-linear optimizer, which itself involves that only a single iteration of the non-linear optimizer, rather than iteration to convergence, is conducted in step 4.

Since this method relies on the iterative estimation procedure, it is not available for equations estimated by CUE.

The estimator for the variance will be or the no d.f.

corrected equivalent, depending on your settings for the coefficient covariance calculation.

Those interested in additional detail are encouraged to consult one of the many comprehensive surveys of the subject.

The starting point of GMM estimation is the assumption that there are a set of moment conditions that the -dimensional parameters of interest, should satisfy.

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Selecting Note that it is possible to choose combinations of estimation and covariance weights that, while reasonable, are not typically employed.

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