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Ronin: sadly that is true, nothing remains of this world but what the gods decide.Turning he sees the ronin had an red cloth over his eyes and backs away. Ronin: you must think, why cover the eyes if not an reminder of who you were long ago, something long forgotten to time…it never stops, merely redirects at certain times. Timmy looks and sees the light moving away from the home to the hills on the other side of the citys edge to the mountains, hiking up, he rushes to see it only to see the pendant hanging from an branch, hearing someone from behind he hears himself.Xiong: very observant; yes I am different than the others, I see through reality and not the world itself, I hear voices and feel the earth around me, but the reality is also.. Hu: you mean; you're blind and a guard.did the come to be?

Running to the forest he sees an ronin warrior with an black yukata and kneeling, he goes closer to get an look and hears him.Timmy: I left the pendent here for an long time, I didn’t wanna keep dealing with the creepy stuff, shop keepers, ghosts, paranormal stuff, but now….its another story isnt it. Resonating an full form, Timmy sees an image of himself in an yukata with an book in his hands. Figure: I am Hu…we met long ago with the pendent, the day you met at the bus, and then at the festival getting the watch…to bring to the shrine today. Hu: do you not know, your me, here and now….reincarnated from long ago. Emperor: then hurry, I need tea prepared for a cough I have, it hasn't left for weeks. Walking away xiong looks over seeing hu gathering books to his room and smiles slightly as the emperor look up at the massive bear trying to accompany the factor that lead to the understanding of why Hu was chosen over anyone else. Xiong: I mean...i am your sword and arms so I must be accounted as a part of you at all times in order to ensure your safety.Voice: good work, you figured it out….pendent shows what cant be seen, the unseen truth, the watch forces time to dial back and show the past for as it is. Voice: is there anyone here but us, or do you wish to try and help yourself out. Emperor: your eyes can not see the world.they peer with the eyes of our true he is meant for more with me here, or am I wasting my time? Emperor: Ah.good; now leave me, I will await the physician tea with my meal. Walking away, xiong looks and peers into hu room praying to a idol for good fortune and turns seeing xiong there in front of him as he stares smiling at him, takes by surprise, Hu jumps a bit but smiles seeing his friendly face. You have something about you that's kind and gentle away from the reality of what you put on as a show.Ronin: an warrior knows when they are followed, my life is one that takes only others away, but tell me what is it that you seek?Bear: I want to know whats going on, everyone is frozen in time, nothing is here but us.

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Xiong: this is wrong.I fall for you like I am now..

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