Christian dating moving too fast

(to the point i would even question his story about the divorce – unless you’ve been able to visually confirm that in person with sons, kids, and ex-spouse in some way). If he trully likes you and values you, then he’ll accept to take things slower, because you have your needs and it’s normal! As a 48 yr old i understand that our age we’ve “been around the block” and it doesn’t take us too long to sort of have a good idea. but exactly – is he more interested in being with somebody, being married – or is this because of YOU. If it’s NOT his pattern – then its actually a decent change it’s about you. Especially if YOU are questioning it – since you know what’s gone on between you two thus far… However, it is strange that he’s making commitments and asking for commitments this soon. If you can enjoy each other for several more months then those decisions would make more sense. the reality of him is probably that he’s portraying something he wants to portray to you and is not the real him. So you have to tell him that you need time to build trust. If it’s a “pattern”, than you are just the next “pattern” if you will. IT seems a bit out of reasonable context to go this fast no? If he doesn’t seem intersted in accomodating that – then its about being married and not you. I think it’s great that he is acting infatuated with you.The past few months I’ve interacted with so many people who are moving way too fast in their relationships.

If not, evaluate the relationship to decide if she is the right partner.He may just crave female company and worse still, this could be the start of controlling behaviour.This article was co-authored by Trudi Griffin, LPC.It's important to remember that a relationship is an agreement between two people.You don't need to go along with something just to please your partner.

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