Cams 247 clock backdating

Our firmware engineers have advised that in their testing the potential exploit is not an issue in firmware version 6.10 and above and should not be a issue.

The vast majority of our customers are now using v6.14 and later but those that are still running firmware older than 6.10 will be contacted to advise them to update the firmware asap.

Tillverkade i Aluminium legering som greppar bra tack vare sin konstruktion.

Io T security camera vendor UCam247 has contacted The Register to say most devices in the wild aren't vulnerable to the “single URL pwnage” vulnerability.

We contacted all the affected vendors, and to its credit, UCam247's managing director Paresh Morjaria has responded.

We provide his full response below: Thanks for making us aware of the potential bug in the firmware used in both our IP cameras and those of many other brands that sell in the UK.

Even if we can't expand seating capacity at this time, the addition of a four-way video board at center court and perhaps some removable chair-back seating on the east end of the facility would really help. If our men's basketball team is ever competitive again, we will not have a problem packing the EC for every game, especially if we've added a few modest accoutrements to help create a more "big-time" atmosphere inside our gym. Excellent comments regarding the very POSITIVE accomplishments that we've seen/are seeing take place at, both, Main Campus and (most certainly) South Campus with regards to Athletic facilities at SJSU.

It sort of boggles the mind how much its overall "feel" has changed over the last 2-3 decades.

I highly recommend them for all your HVAC needs.” -David Cronin “CAM Heating & Cooling did a great job for me before, during, and after upgrading a house to a new package dual fuel (heat pump/gas) system from a gas heat only system.

They were prompt with their estimating, and advised on all the details of the various methods of upgrading the house and the issues to be dealt with. The CAM Heating & Cooling team also were licensed to do the gas hookup and to run the new electrical service needed which saved having to bring in those trades, plus it saved time.

Looking back retrospectively, these new buildings on campus just are a constant reminder of how badly the SJSU Admin screwed the pooch on the "SUREC" back in the mid-late '80's.

Instead, we got as basketball-unfriendly a Home venue as possible.

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