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I see this set in the same vain as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Dark Knight.As a huge Nolan fan i was looking forward to this big time but found it really freakin excited about this movie, only the second movie that i have loved so much, that I had to watch twice in the theaters.Just got the email from Amazon this morning about it being available to pre-order and of course I already did.If the UK version was region free and gets the same video/audio transfer and extras as the US, I think I might get the UK version.Interesting enough, the DVD has four focus point featurettes that "should" show up in the Extraction Mode on Blu Ray, I hope. Here's the link: @Moneyshot - Don't let IMAX fool you.

Special features include: Extraction Mode: infiltrate the dreamscape of Inception with this in-movie experience to learn how Christopher Nolan, Leonardo Di Caprio and the rest of the cast and crew designed and achieved the movies signature moments.Inception was not an IMAX movie..was released in IMAX theatres using the DMR uprez process..a 35mm negative (even though they shot some footage in 65mm..was NOT in the IMAX was displayed in theatres in the Anamorphic 2.40 aspect ratio.They didn't even do a direct transfer from the 65mm negative to IMAX...there is no way the Blu-ray will have anything in the IMAX frame aspect ratio.Di Caprio was good in it though The script is a masterpeice.The movie is brought down slightly by some miscasting and shaky cam but its still a pretty great movie and its nice to see a thinking mans action movie in a Transformers Revenge of the Fallen world.

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Considering that this was one of the summer's best movies and probably gonna be a big seller for the holidays, plus hope that the stores get into Price wars again this holiday season. i'm kind of amazed that this isn't being released with more interesting packaging and content. when i see movies that come packaged with a dvd and digital copy, it just wreaks of being cheap. I think he just prefers that his films be up for interpretation by the audience.

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