Brendon urie and audrey kitching dating

Though it's a sad read, it's an important reminder that not everything is as it seems on social media.

The cross-dressing, pink-haired makeup mogul and singer you see today once ruled as the My Space scene king.

As well as working behind the MAC counter, Reed had some strong links to the underground club kid scene in New York and would often be seen out with the likes of Amanda Lepore.

Like most My Space queens, she changed her hair color on a whim, but is most remembered for her dazzling teal locks.

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Brendon Urie is best known for being the frontman of rock band Panic! Brendon has a tattoo of cartoon piano keys with Hibiscus flowers in his body.

If you didn't know who Audrey Kitching was during your peak My Space days, then I'm going to have to assume you had less than 1,000 friends and were never allowed onto the bulletin trains. Kitching began modeling when she was 14 and even had a brief moment in which she dated Brendon Urie from Panic! It was around the time when she dyed her hair that unforgettable shade of pink, actually.

You can still find her on Instagram, where she uploads her more recent modeling shots. Hanna Beth initially began her journey through internet fame as Audrey Kitching's partner in crime.

On Hanna Beth's wrist, there is a rather striking tattoo of a pink cupcake with a kawaii face that makes me feel so relieved that I never got illegally-inked at the time like so many of my friends stupidly did.

With their sky-high hair, undying adoration for all thinks cutesy, and an intense case of self-obsession, scene queen celebrities were pretty much unmissable both online and off in the early to mid '00s.

Not only were their outfits completely outrageous, but these ladies had a soft spot for drama and could make us squirm with their counterfeit high-pitched giggles.

Their signature style consisted of big hair, black eyes, and skimpy outfits. I'll trade you my hair secrets for a picture comment.

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