Avoid dating jerks

After dating for about a year, you begin to have history with him/her.Many couples get through their first year just fine, but issues often begin to surface in the second year that weren’t there in the past. Many people are very flexible in the infancy of a relationship, but as time goes by they become less flexible.These forces create the feeling of closeness in every romantic relationship.They are: Because Jennie met her boyfriend through a co-worker, she felt like she knew something about him.As they were leaving the wedding in a limo, Kevin turned to Jennie and said, “Now that we are married, you can have all my money.” “I thought that was the strangest statement to make to me,” Jennie recalls. I was going to find out very quickly that Kevin was not committed to me. Our relationship began going downhill very quickly.”The fifth dynamic is sexual touch.This includes chemistry as well as any expression of touch from hand-holding to giving a hug to complete openness.

“It is a living and active definition that changes as the relationship evolves.“Most of life is talking together, having a personality that blends well with the other person, having a good sense of humor, etc.Sex is part of it, but not a major portion of it.”Commitment is the fourth dynamic.Even when you know what to look for in the dating process, you can still be blindsided when you allow your attachment to become too strong too soon.”Jennie admits to being blinded by love.Kevin was quite the gentleman when it came to treating Jennie with respect and spending time with her.

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