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You can go really slow and it’s not so bad at all for her. Having already done anal on occasion with my girlfriend, the taboo is still there but has been transferred from a ‘mysterious and unknown’ sort of taboo to a ‘so rare as to be mystical’ taboo.

She’ll have a better experience that way and be more open to trying it again.” 21. On the pleasure side of things, it provides a nice change in sensation from vaginal, oral, and manual stimulation. You’ve got a few close sphincter muscles then it gets a lot more open. And when she orgasms it spasms, which feels incredible.” 33. Anybody who says anything beyond that is just spinning their wheels, hoping to come up with a justification. I am very aggressive in bed normally (choking, spitting, hitting, hair pulling, name calling, degrading, etc…). so, anal is attracting because it’s another form of domination.

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“If a woman has a hole in her body that can accommodate a dick, a guy will want to fuck it. Plus nothing says I love you like allowing me to stick it anywhere I want.

Some women like it and a lot of men are all about giving pleasure. Some people might say it’s not supposed to happen.’ But they did it anyway. “I mean when you get right down to it, it’s just another hole that a man wants his penis in.” 14. It is more intimate in a way because we are letting down all our borders regarding what is ‘normal.’ It’s our dirty little secret.I’ve heard in a scientific sense, that the more ways a woman receives a man’s cum, the more likely she is to get pregnant by him.For example, women who swallowed a man’s cum were more likely to get pregnant by him later.On these occasions there’s an extra hotness factor added in mentally.As for the raw physical characteristics of tightness and friction, vaginal is better in the long run.

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