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Aelita happily accepts the offer and enrolls as Aelita Stones. Aelita manages to escape with Odd's help and they deactivate the tower. A.'s monsters trick her to the edge of the Forest Sector and a transportation orb appears, taking Aelita to a new, mysterious sector, where the Scyphozoa attacks Aelita to steal her memory. Pück, which has a key to a locker in the local train station. To activate, stand on top of an ability hologram and press C. Aelita visits the Earth, where Jeremie and the others had prepared a surprise for her, which was her being enrolled to Kadic again with a room and everything. ambushes her and tries to kill the team inside the houses' boiler room. As Aelita keeps having bad dreams, they eventually lead her to rediscover her past toy, Mr. Aelita chooses to transfer her DNA codes to Yumi, which would leave her memory without protection and X. Jeremie later creates the Marabounta, a program that would automatically wipe Lyoko of X. This power enables you to create virtual bridges to reach platforms to far away to jump. Jeremie eventually manages to materialize a strand of Aelita's hair. Jeremie, however, used the materialized strand of hair to bring her back. To unlock Aelita in the Social Game, complete the mission "Go help Aelita! Schaeffer is an alternative spelling of the German surname Schäfer, meaning shepherd.

Jeremie would later discover Lyoko and, in turn, Aelita (and X. She lived happily with both of them in the mountains and her parents gave her a small elf doll as a Christmas present and her father taught her to play the piano. As Waldo Schaeffer moved with her to the Hermitage and changed his name from Waldo Schaeffer to Franz Hopper. Franz Hopper virtualized Aelita and himself in order to keep themselves safe and the next thing Aelita knew, she was in the Forest Sector of Lyoko. They didn't meet Aelita because they were devirtualized by Bloks in the Ice Sector, but not before Ulrich spots a strange red tower in the same sector. had activated when Jeremie restarted the supercomputer) in the Ice Sector.

Aelita's wings will appear, and when she glows pink, swing the Wii remote and Nunchuk down and up together. This is not available at the start, and must be unlocked, in the Ice Sector.

To activate this power, stand over an ability hologram and press C.

As Aelita keeps seeing her visions, she goes to Sector Five during one mission, only to find out that X. She finally reluctantly agreed to it when seeing Laura had altered the return in time program to exclude her from having her memories erased whenever it was activated, much to her anger and frustration.

tries his best to get Aelita's memory: possessing Nicholas Poliakoff and making him deactivate the scanners while the group is on Lyoko, materializing Krabs onto Earth, turning people into zombies, causing the team to break up by using a polymorphic clone, and even kidnapping Yumi and Odd. She was firmly against the idea of Laura becoming a seventh Lyoko Warrior, insisting Laura was nothing but trouble and that they just couldn't trust her, even when it seemed logical to have her brought into the group as she was clearly more intelligent in computer codes and systems than her and Jeremie.

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