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For the uninitiated, present day Toyotas, among others, have what could be called a 'drive by wire' system. I was watching the news maybe a couple of years ago where someone had the throttle stick on their car out on the interstate somewhere.The throttle on the engine is controlled by an electric motor. I don't remember what kind of car it was, again, it doesn't really matter. Something we tend to take for granted in my opinion. Luckily for me, or thanks at least in part to my good mechanical sense, I didn't ruin the engine in my car when it suddenly developed a massive oil leak. It's sure nice to have your own personal transportation. Anyway, the part that it took to solve the problem permanently was not installed from the factory, and in truth, I'm sure no one felt it was necessary to begin with.

It was a relief to pull of the road in Dillon, Colorado and have a little lunch and a rest while the thing cooled off.

If the engine had blown up, I would have lost the braking effect it was providing.

If I had burned the brakes off of it trying to slow it down, I would've had even more problems.

Something you would think would be a good thing on a race car, but here again, driver control is essential even when you want to go fast. I saw the sign making me aware of the 7% grade for the next few miles. Before I knew it, I was in a battle to keep the engine overspeed light from coming on and not burning up the brakes.

For a while I wondered if I was going to make it to the next runaway truck ramp or not.

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