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Whenever residents discovered bones on their property (which still happens often), they would call the paleontologists from the state-funded Geological Survey, who drove out to assess the situation.

In the Eocene Epoch, which lasted roughly from 55 million to 34 million years ago, this area looked similar to the African habitats where rhinos currently live. Walking through the mountains required good balance and paying attention to each step.The harsh summer sun cast a shadow over my tools, which were anchored in a crevice only millimeters deep. When I first said I was going to North Dakota, the reaction of family and friends was universal: “What’s there?” Images of vast, unobstructed spaces that blur into the horizon don’t typically spark a tourism frenzy.At on the morning of the Dickinson dig, I met up with the paleontologists in the parking lot of the Heritage Center and State Museum in Bismarck, off a highway dotted with large chain stores and hotels.A group email had informed volunteers about what to wear (closed-toe shoes, long pants, a brimmed hat), what to bring (plenty of water), what not to bring (i Pods and headphones) and what to watch for (rattlesnakes, prickly pear cactus).

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The bones I was to excavate last June were hidden, except for two inches of a rib sticking out of the mountain.

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