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For example, usually when you tap on some text you get an explanation of what that text is about; I tapped on some text for an explanation, and it resulted in me spending a bunch of gems for that thing.So they want you to get frustrated and just buy the gems.The chats are largely "can someone join my alliance," but apart from that, pretty often there's also "I'm a 14-year-old girl who is looking for a boyfriend," and there are indeed outright sexual comments.Also, as ridiculous as this sounds, there are a few dragons who are weirdly dressed like human women in scandalous outfits (most of the dragons don't look like actual dragons).

This keeps happening where I can earn it, and then I can't. They charge 3$ for a pack of tokens that you use in 1 turn!!!!!!!!I am EXTREMELY disappointed with Dragon City and they should be a little business smarter and STICK TO WHAT THEY SAID and give away free maze coins and gems or else people like me will take they're business to another game. IF YOU WERE SMART YOU' D STICK TO YOUR PROMISES AND KEEP COSTUMERS INSTEAD OF LYING AND LOSING THEM. This game WOULD be fun if not for all the CONSUMERISM.(Apologies - for some reason spaces didn't come out in this review and it came out like a big block of text... As other reviews have stated, this game is very pay-to-win; personally I'm not a fan of this model at all.I'd rather that a game charged me a base price off the bat and then left me alone.One thing that really irritates me though is the way that combat works: no matter what the level of my dragons has been, I am pretty much consistently being paired against rivals FAR above my level (ex., my dragons would be level 13, C-grade, and common quality-- and I'd be *consistently* paired against players with dragons level 25, 26 etc, A -grade, epic quality-- no exaggeration).Then I'd level my dragons higher, and once I'd reach the higher level, then I'd be paired against players who again are absurdly higher than my new level-- so the case isn't that there just aren't players at my level available).

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